Emcee Tool Kit Vol. 5 (Pre-Order)

$36.00 USD
Emcee Tool Kit Vol. 5 (Pre-Order)

Prepare to embark on a journey of lyrical exploration. This captivating book is your key to unlocking a world of infinite creativity, igniting your writing genius like never before.

Within the pages of Vol. 5 you will find an abundance of curated writing exercises, jumpstart scenarios, literary techniques, and invaluable insights into the writing process and creativity. Prepare to delve into a realm of infinite possibilities, where hundreds of verses and songs await your creative expression.


This is a pre-order so that I don't over produce the book. The order portal will be open from Aug. 1st to Aug. 31st, so that everyone can get their order in and the book can be delivered by mid September.

Emcee Tool Kit Vol. 5 (Pre-Order) Emcee Tool Kit Vol. 5 (Pre-Order) Emcee Tool Kit Vol. 5 (Pre-Order) Emcee Tool Kit Vol. 5 (Pre-Order)