Bison's Revenge Limited CD

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Bison's Revenge Limited CD

This is Bison's Revenge, the inaugural album out of Rap Seminar LLC by Bison! This is not a preorder. We are shipping now!

Album Info:
When we're kids, all of our dreams and aspirations are possible - kids can fly, they can shoot lasers out of their eyes, they can run faster than the speed of light, and in Bison's case become one of the greatest rappers of all time. But then life happens and we're taught our limitations - we're taught what we can and can't do, and all those childhood dreams fade into obscurity. Bison's Revenge is a return to the pursuit of the impossible, and it's a testament that your wildest dreams can come true when you're courageous enough to tap into your authentic and true self.

See album art tracklist for features and producers.

Album Credits:
All Lyrics and hooks written by Bison (excl. featured verses)
Mixed & Mastered by Tah Chi
Cuts by One Man Jazz
Album Art by Create Sober
Executive Prod. by III
© 2021 Rap Seminar LLC

Bison's Revenge Limited CD Bison's Revenge Limited CD Bison's Revenge Limited CD Bison's Revenge Limited CD