About Us

Rap Seminar was created to fill to the void in professional lyrical analysis services provided to emcees and the Hip-hop community in general. As a life-long appreciator of and participator in rap music, I learned early on that rappers are musicians, but they are also writers of the highest order. My fascination with lyricism eventually led me to dedicating my life to the formal academic study of written and spoken words. Along this academic journey, I earned a Bachelor's of English degree at Texas Tech University and a Bilingual Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing at The University of Texas, El Paso, where I co-founded an award winning open mic event called the Barbed Wire Open Mic Series. Yet, after earning my degrees and teaching creative writing, literature, and research methods at the collegiate level for over nine years, I felt like something was missing. In academia, I couldn't be myself-- my Hip-hop-clothes-wearing, Wu-Tang-quoting self. So boom, I had to create Rap Seminar, not only for myself, but for emcees who are seeking motivation, for emcees whose skills go unrecognized, for Hip-hop experts who are filled with a wealth of knowledge and desire to shape the future of lyricism, as well as for Hip-hop heads that want more than album reviews and stats on album sales. At Rap Seminar, we believe that lyrics still matter, and we hope that you do, too.    

- Rob Nice, Founder