Basketball players and professional athletes in general use stats to document their skill sets, to analyze their playing history, and categorize their strengths and weaknesses. They use them to better their game. The data athletic statisticians generate on players is also used by the media to keep fans up on the performance of their favorite players and teams, but when it comes to Hip-hop, the only analytics or stats available are sales related, or earnings related, about platinum and gold plaques; they are almost never about the skill emcees apply to their craft. Rap Seminar is here to change this. When we conduct our analysis, generate the charts, and create the write-ups, we’re doing more than promoting emcees: we redirect the public’s attention from commercialism and bring it back to the essence of what makes rap a miraculous art form in the first place.    


By using our unique coding system, we analyze verses, songs, albums, or discographies and provide quantitative data in the following areas:

  • Categorization of rhyme techniques.
  • Quantification of the amount of rhymes.
  • Calculation of the average, low, and high amount of rhymes per bar.
  • Identification and tally of the various types of literary techniques employed.
  • Documentation of Near Rhyme to Perfect Rhyme percentages. 
  • Custom analysis areas determined by the client. 


FULL SERVICE LYRICAL ANALYSIS: Each Full Service Lyrical Analysis includes three diagnostic charts that identify the literary techniques the emcee is using, the total number of rhymes in the project,  the rhyme categories, plus the average, low, and high amount of rhymes per bar. The Full Service also includes a write-up that explains the documented findings. All of these charts and write-ups are posted to our IG pageBuy Now.

À LA CARTE LYRICAL ANALYSIS: Each À La Carte Lyrical Analysis includes one diagnostic chart of your choice, and a short write-up posted to our platform. Buy Now.