Analysis Options

RHYME TECHNIQUES PIE CHART: A pie chart that documents the various rhyme techniques the rapper uses in their lyrics. It also provides the total number of rhymes the emcee delivers in the verse, song, album, or discography. The three main types of rhyme we quantify are alliteration, internal rhyme, and end rhyme. However, for an additional cost, we can create data subsets that identify the percentages of assonance rhyme, identical rhyme, and an array of more advanced rhyme skills that often overlap the three main skills above. 

AVG RHYMES PER BAR LINE GRAPH: Here we plot out the low, high, and average amount of rhymes an emcee uses per bar of rap. It’s the closest thing we have to a rhyme speedometer. 

NEAR RHYME VS PERFECT RHYME BAR GRAPH: This chart is where we discover if an emcee is rhyming, or if they are bending words to make them sound as if they rhyme. Near rhyme isn’t a good or bad thing – it’s a necessary tool available to emcees, and so we quantify it, so that we can see the wit of the wordsmiths we analyze. 

LITERARY DEVICES BAR GRAPH: With this chart we document the variety of literary techniques the emcee uses, as well as the total number of times that the techniques are used. Not only does this chart determine what literary techniques the rapper favors, but it also shows the skills they use least, which may help the emcee diversify their literary arsenal. 

TECHNIQUE IDENTIFICATION LYRIC CHART: Each Technique Identification Lyric Chart identifies a literary technique the emcee uses and can be used by the lyricist on merchandise, social media platforms, or publications, and may or may not be posted to our platforms. 

RHYME SCHEME PLOT CHART: This chart documents the rhyme associations in one bar of rap. 

*The Technique Identification chart and Rhyme Scheme Plot chart are only available via special order, and are not listed on our products page. If you would like one of these made, please contact us, so we can serve you. Thank you for your understanding.